Online purchases on Home Craft Decor are subject to the terms and conditions herein set and cannot be changed or otherwise modified verbally. Errors in arithmetic are subject to correction. All cancellations, after 48 hours of your initial deposit date, will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to thirty percent (30%) of the merchandise total plus any applicable delivery fees. Bedding and mattresses are not refundable or exchangeable. Payment must be made in full before delivery / pick up. Delivery / pick up is not available in all areas. There is a fee for delivery. Fee varies based on area of delivery. Not all product are available in all areas. All estimated time frames for delivery are approximate.

Failure to be home for delivery will result in a full redelivery charge. Anyone that you select to accept your merchandise on delivery acts as your agent. All signed acceptances are binding.

Responsibility for the size(s) of items selected, with respect to home delivery, remains with the buyer. If Home Craft Decor has to disassemble and reassemble your furniture in order to complete delivery, there will be an additional charge (service not available in all markets). The delivery service will do whatever is reasonably possible to prevent you from incurring this expense. If a disassembly is required, a professional technician will be dispatched to the delivery address on a later date to complete your delivery. The delivery service cannot hoist furniture under any circumstances. The delivery service cannot move existing furniture. The room where the merchandise will be delivered must be cleared and prepared for delivery. If not, delivery may not be possible. Home Craft Decor cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to circumstances beyond our direct control. In the event that a refund is needed, all refunds are processed at our corporate office. A check or credit card refund slip will be mailed directly to you within 14 days.

If the merchandise ordered by you is not delivered by the promised delivery date, Home Craft Decor must offer you the choice of:
(1) Canceling your order with a prompt, full refund of any payment you have made. Or
(2) Accepting delivery at a specific later date.